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There are many benefits in real estate investing: Monthly cashflow, Inflation proof investment, equity as leverage for additional properties and more. There are also costs involved, such as repairs in older properties and vacancies for longer than anticipated time periods, property management, HOA fees etc. It’s important to make sure that the numbers work and that you are left with a positive return on investment after investing in real estate.

Key Factors

Research is essential and getting a good return on investment doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing where you live. It’s important to live where you are happy, but invest where there is money.

Many turnkey investment properties with property management are a great solution for out of state investing where the return on investment can be on average 6%-8% return on investment. Many times, the properties are new construction, where the need for repairs is lower, they are in high rent areas with lower home prices and less competition when making an offer.

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Silver Spring, MD. BS: “Karen was awesome. A real pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. A last-minute hitch threatened to put a halt to our sale going through, but Karen was prepared to do whatever was necessary to prevent that from happening. Thank you Karen!”

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